Transform Your Results Part 2 – A Conversation with John and Tony

John: The second thing that I learned (talking about little Johnny looking intensity-will-transformto get big and strong at the gym) was intensity. We went to the gym, they taught me how to lift the weights. Here’s the weights and there are some people in the gym, they lift a little weights, ah I’m a little bit tired, let’s go socialize, maybe it’s time for a drink at the water fountain.

They pointed out guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger right back in the days of Venice Beach, Iron Beach and we’re going to have Mr. Olympia contest. Arnold would actually go to the gym, work out so hard he would have a puke bucket in the corner. I know that sounds gross but, sometimes he had to throw up and then get back on it because it was that intense. Of course he’s hailed at the one of the greatest bodybuilders that ever lived.


I learned from these guys that you don’t just lift the weights until it’s uncomfortable, you lift the weights until you can’t possibly lift anymore. You lift so heavy you maybe get 2 or 3 reps before your muscles fail. If your muscles don’t fail, don’t bother. That’s where the money is made, you’ve got to go to failure. You’ve got to feel completely like Arnold, like you’re about to throw up. That’s where the money is made.

#2. Intensity Will Transform Your Results

Intensity this is not a word that Tony and I have made friends with recently. It’s not a milk, toast effort. You’re getting in there and you’re like an animal because that is your experience right there, that is the thing you focus on.  I can relate it to how I still behave to this day when I’m in the gym, even if I don’t want to go there. By the way, just because I’m consistent doesn’t mean I necessarily like doing it.

Like Albert Grey said, “The common demonstrator of success is that successful people have formed a habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.” Well I don’t like to do it either, I’m just waking up, I’m not feeling like it, as soon as I am in the gym, as soon as I touch the iron and sometimes all it takes is that objective process of saying, “Hand on iron.” There’s nothing philosophical about it, it’s just the reality of touching the metal, then I’m in and that’s my whole world. The phone is off, I don’t hear anything and I’m in it until I can’t possibly move that weight anymore.

intenseIntensity, so when we think about business how does this relate to business Tony? I just got started into businesses, maybe it’s a franchise that I invested a lot of money into. Maybe it’s a network marketing deal where I put a few hundred or couple thousand dollars or whatever. Either way, can I not apply intensity as if I just put a million dollars on the table. What have you seen in the business world, as it relates to being intense with your mission?

Tony: Oh I got to get you take on this too, because I know you were kind of, we’ve got a bit of a mirror thing going on where you’re talking about the weight loss analogy and I do the business side. I want your business side on you too.

John: My case it was weight gain. I was skinny.

Tony: Weight gain, that’s right. Fitness, exactly. Okay I’m going to say this and this won’t be … this probably won’t be really, really popular among a certain subset or our audience. It has to be said. There has been over the years, a creeping and insidious in my opinion, myth.

In the internet marketing genre the niche of being able, the whole four hour work week … (which by the way) I love Tim Ferriss. I listen to his Podcast I think I probably have all his books but there this thing that is working in the background. A lot of business conversation where the word work has become profanity. It’s been invalidated. Ugh, you don’t want to have to work. It’s all about hammocks, it’s all about automation, it’s all about the social media. It’s hey look, you want to be able to make a million dollars a year and you’re only working an hour and half, two hours a day.

There is place on the timeline of a successful business where you maybe able, depending on your business, you may be able to engage in that level of work play ratio. “It happens.” there have been periods in my own business when I have deliberately chosen, hey I’m going to re-arrange my time, and I’m going to maintain my business with a couple hours a day because I’ve got this other thing that’s not income producing. It might be a non-profit organization, it might be extended travel, but I’m going to re-arrange things for a little while so I can maintain my income and I only have to work about 10 hours a week.

I’ve had that experience. I know very, very few high producing, high income earning, very successful, entrepreneurs who actually live that over a very long sustained period of time, here’s what it looks like. By the way, that experience takes place near the end of the time line. It’s not at the beginning of the time line… We live in a timeline ladies and gentleman, we have more opportunity today, than anybody has ever had. There’s a lot of people listening here who, maybe you’re 50 or 60 years old and you had great ideas to be an entrepreneur but you just happen to be born at a time when you didn’t have the tools or the opportunities to really go out and do what you wanted to do because you were wrapped up in that whole forty year plan.

Now here you are, you find yourself in your 50’s perhaps, and I’m saying hey look, maybe it’s not time to retire. You’ve got just as much shot today but here’s what it will take whether you’re 18 or whether you’re 88. When you’re starting out on this entrepreneur’s path, it’s midnight oil. Let me see what I can do between the hours of 7:00 PM and Midnight or 1:00 or 2:00. It’s project based. John and I have probably worked some of the longest hours that we have worked in our company. In the last 12 months, especially in the last 90 days.

This is not a bad thing but if you buy into the mythology, working on the internet or working in the digital marketing arena, is supposed to be luaus and hammocks and hula girls and making money from the beach between waves. If that works for you great but here’s the thing, if that’s not working for you, you will know in your checkbook.

I would say to you especially if you aren’t getting the results you want in your business, the intensity John’s talking about? That’s burning the candle at both ends, that is hustle, that may be you working all day long on a job and coming home beat and kissing your spouse and your kids and spending an hour with them and telling your spouse, “Hey look can you shove some sandwiches under the door because I’ve got to get to work on the dream.” I’m spending my day making a living so I can come home at night and work on the dream. Hard work is not a bad thing.

Smart work is even better but if … yeah there is something about it John, where if you find somebody who … let me say it this way we’ll just use a prospecting example. If you talk to 10 people a week for 4 weeks about whatever you’re pitching. That’s 40 people, you will get a result of some kind. You show me somebody else with the exact same pitch who will go talk to those 40 people in a day or two, I promise you they will get better results.

I don’t know why, mathematically it doesn’t make sense but there is something that happens, there is inner fuel. I’m not getting new age or metaphysical but there is just something you bring to the table when you’re not willing to take a break. When you’re willing to burn the extra midnight oil or stay the extra hour. That intensity informs everything else that you’re doing. In the actual work. Even though these two people are talking to the same number of prospects, the person who does it the fastest I guarantee you he gets better results, every time.

Before we go back to gaining weight and getting fit, what’s your take? You and I have had a few conversations on business intensity over the years but not lately. What’s your thought on that?

John: As you were talking I was thinking about one of the aspects of this whole intensity thing and that is, focus. As you were thinking, wow this guy is focused. He’s focused enough where in some cases have to, as you said burn the midnight oil. Regardless of whether it’s midnight oil or not, it’s not an attempt to … there’s no eh I’m doing this eh right? I’m in the gym my hands touch the weight, that’s my world now. There’s no eh I’m not multitasking. In fact some people will say it’s impossible to multitask, all you can do really is shift your focus really fast from one thing to another, to another. I think what you’re saying Tony is, we maintain our focus we don’t attempt to dilute our efforts by multitasking.

As this relates to business, is something that you’ve talked about before is a Steve Jobs sort of thing. Learning how to say no to some good ideas so that you can really focus on the great ones. Right there that gives us an advantage. The person who is calling 20 clients in an hour or 40 in a day in the example that you gave. He is going to have the advantage over the person who keeps taking their focus off of it and then back on, and then off and then on.

We will find that in some cases, and this will be pleasing for everyone I think, we will find that in some cases a couple hours of focused work, replaces 10 hours or unfocused work. That’s the intensity. I don’t spend all day at the gym. I’m in and out in like 40 minutes. In fact Tony, back when I was 18 or 19 years old learning how to get big and strong for the first time, I over trained sometimes because I was overcompensating.

I would be in there for an hour and half and then hitting a plateau, can’t make anymore muscle gains. In time you are destroying your body so there is a point where the midnight oil stops working. There is a point of diminishing returns. One of the advantages of being constant and being intense is that you can find, you can learn, and I did learn. I don’t spend an hour and a half with the weights every day anymore but, you can learn where those thresholds are and you can work smarter. I think that is another approved benefit of having this sort of discipline. I don’t know if that’s exactly what you’re asking me Tony, did I miss your question?

Tony: No, no it’s a beautiful thing and I do think there is room in that conversation for work smart, I won’t say … I used to say work smart, not hard but, when I was starting out, I didn’t mind working hard. I didn’t mind long hours. I wanted the result. I wanted to work smart, I wanted to always be open to the idea of working smarter but, I just see so many people not getting the results they want in their business because they’ve got the work and play ratio screwed up too early in their timeline. Again it’s very attractive, the idea of being able to get rich on the internet and to not have to go dig ditches with a shovel and do manual labor or work for 40 years behind a shopkeeper’s counter, these are very attractive concepts.

I just think it probably deserves a little bit of our attention tonight to just balance the scales and not by falling into the idea that you can become a gazillionaire and only work 20 minutes as day. You don’t hear this a lot, is what I’m saying. I don’t hear a lot of people talking about intensity business. It seems more people are talking about the hammock. So I’m glad you brought that up today, it give us an opportunity to balance the scales a little bit.

John: Yeah – I like lifestyle too that’s great, in fact something you mentioned in the get rich on the internet I saw a lifestylepicture of an internet marketer and the caption was, “Make money while you sleep.” It was a picture of him with his face down on his keyboard asleep at his desk and he was working 18 hours a day, and then an order came in as he was sleeping on his keyboard so he was making money while he slept.

Don’t buy the hype everybody. Now that’s not a gloom and doom statement that you’re going to work yourself to death. Like I said you get focused, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to get stuff done, and that’s one of the things that I learned. Which, once I had made that decision that I was going to go to the gym and lift weights I put on 15 pounds in 90 days. Eating the protein, vegetables, pumping iron, boom 15 pounds like that. Where was that 15 pounds the rest of my life?

Tony: Right, right.


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