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BusinessLabsPro was born out of decades of experience in the small business marketplace. Originally developed to serve the growing numbers of home-based entrepreneurs, BLP’s courses and marketing platforms provided a breakthrough for marketers who were looking to take their businesses online, and do it quickly and confidently.

Through collaboration with some of the brightest minds on the cutting edge of online marketing and business-building, cofounders John Lavenia & Tony Rush quickly realized that the applications for BLP were nearly endless. The Lab now serves entrepreneurs from around the world with simple and effective tools that will enhance virtually any business, and an amazing team of “Lab Techs” who make it all work…


John Lavenia is an author, speaker and coach who has studied personal growth and success psychology for over 25 years. After ridding himself of the limitations of traditional sales jobs, he ventured into entrepreneurialism to become a top producer in the direct-selling profession, amassing millions in sales and developing an organization of thousands of affiliates worldwide. He is best known for his groundbreaking book Integrity is Everything, and his fast, fun and often bold delivery in seminars and coaching videos.


Tony Rush is the co-founder of Home Business Labs and Business Labs Pro. He has created a seven-figure income in multiple direct-sales companies and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs through personal coaching, training and live events. He’s also the co-founder with his wife, Jessica, of Spark Theater Company, a non-profit organization that provides theater and acting opportunities to children and teens in the local community. They live in Alabama with their three sons.

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